AJS Management andDIRECTION

Johan Venter

Managing Director

Johan is responsible for the overall management of the group with a particular focus on product design, innovation and strategic direction.

Johan can be contacted at johan@ajs.co.za

Chris Pearson

Director: Sales

Chris Pearson is the Sales director at AJS, responsible for managing the sales team and for new business development.

Chris can be contacted at chris@ajs.co.za

Digby Vickers

Director: Account Management

Digby heads up account management for the group. He also provides considerable input to marketing and business strategy.

Digby can be contacted at digby@ajs.co.za

Barry Swart


Barry is the Chief Operating Officer for the Group. Before joining AJS in 2011, Barry was the founder and managing director of AVID Software.

Barry can be contacted at barry@ajs.co.za

Louisa Stander

Director: Financial

Louisa Stander joined AJS in 2013. She is responsible for the financial management and HR of the Coleso Group of Companies.

Louisa can be contacted at louisa@ajs.co.za

Kobus Stander

General Manager SBS

Kobus Stander manages AJS Smart Business Services, a newly established initiative which offers on-line bookkeeping and accounting services for the small to medium sized firm.

Kobus can be contacted at kobus@ajs.co.za

Nick Prince

Head of Software Development

Nick Prince is the head of software development at AJS, responsible for the design and development of AJS products.

Justin can be contacted at nick@ajs.co.za

Justin Perfect

Support Manager

Justin Perfect is a Project Manager at AJS, responsible for the business analysis, scoping and installation of all AJS products and solutions.

Justin can be contacted at justin@ajs.co.za